Ben-Hur –Purchase Servicing & Subcontracting Ltd. VAT 511673469

Acquisition and Contract Work Topics
The company is equipped to provide a large range of items – shelf products, non standard items, products, whole products and end products by means of manufacturers /suppliers and professional expert individuals who have high command of updated technological knowledge.
We encourage complete correspondence between customer needs and supplier without compromising the quality or schedule, subject to cost restrictions. We are continually ready to consult, examine and accept any challenge.

Engineering Topics:
Ben Hur Company supplies production, acquisition and purchasing personnel with a complete answer for production services, excellent purchasing and acquisition as well as a solution for serial production or preproduction/samples or mass production of new products, while putting an emphasis on professional and quality solutions which supply full value for customer's money.
We put special emphasis on production processes which begin with close examination of customer needs and their application to technologies which are available for their needs and compatibility.

Development Implementation
•    Consultation, support and accompanying in transferring from development to production processes
•    Preparation of qualitative production and product portfolios
•    Project management in the 'Turn Key' method

Production Topics:
•    Operating manufacturers in the mechanical field – chip processing, automatic engraving, tin metal work and electronic fitting, non metal products processing and more.
        Production grounds:        
        o    Table size and various speeds Processing machine CNC
        o    Engraving machine – manual, CNC and automatic
        o    Tin metal processing machines – laser and hole punching
        o    Bending machines and more.
•    Operating manufacturers for finishing touches – coating, painting, printing and more.
•    Inspection on receipt, final inspection and assigning usability tag – all manufacturers / suppliers are authorized ISO 9001:2008
•    Packaging and shipping to customer

Quality assurance:
•    Manufacturer and supplier approval according to  ISO 9001:2008

Leading principles:
Systemic evidence – Along with addressing customer needs and possibilities
ISO 9001:2008 – Stringent standards for implementing and developing processes, authorizing suppliers and contract workers
Guarantee – One address and complete guarantee over final product inclusive of all its components
Confidentiality – Complete confidentiality
Complete cooperation – with customers and their professional representatives
Transparency and availability – Complete transparency and availability with the customer during the entire production process, free of time limits
Schedule – Meeting given deadlines
Supply and shipment – Direct supply to factory as an integral part of the process

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